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This is our story ....

We provide the best in class online training programs which help you realise your career goals

We are a boutique (read small and efficient), 100% UK based training and consultancy company that provides niche software testing training courses for people who are serious about learning new skills in a changing job market. The most important thing for us is creating and delivering the best in class online training programs, to help our students achieve their career goals.


"We founded Axone so that we could offer software professionals a chance to train and up-skill with a company they can trust; to learn not just the technology but also understand the context and how its applied in the real world to achieve their career ambitions"

Ram Duvvuri 

Our company was founded because we realised that there was a gap in the market when it came to delivering meaningful and effective online training courses. The frustration which software professionals experience when they go on a training course which does not provide value makes them give up the idea of learning new technologies. This can be disastrous in today's job market.


"We have constantly evolved Axone's training methodology to give our students the best in breed technology training levering the benefits of our digital platform without sacrificing any of the traditional classroom benefits"

Karthik Gandhinathan

We work with recruitment agencies and hiring managers to understand the latest trends and skills. Together with our years of experience in the IT industry we are able to come up with courses which teach you these new technologies using real world projects. All this from the comfort of your home with interactive virtual classrooms.

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