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Test Automation

We understand your business needs to help 
deliver robust, maintainable and effective 
test automation capabilities to enable faster delivery and lower costs.


Test Automation as a Service

  • Accelerate your Release Cycle

  • Achieve higher test coverage

  • Reduce your time to market

We embed our test automation consultants within your teams. These consultants will be equipped with our bespoke frameworks and support your teams to deliver robust test automation capabilities.

  • Minimize Costs

Test Automation Framework as a Service 

  • Framework based on your needs

  • Pilot tests using the framework

  • Training as part of rollout 

With this service, you get access to our industry standard open source framework. We will customise the framework based on your needs so you hit the ground running. Our consultants will rollout the framework on a pilot project of your choice, train your staff so you can independently operate your test automation capability.

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