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Course Complete ... What next?

Checkout our 'Placement Assistance' Progamme

We at Axone recognise that the primary motive of our students is to get the role they are aiming for. Interviews can be daunting for even experienced professionals when they are switching roles. Our 'Placement Assistance' programme, is put together to help you reach your full potential following course completion. Remember you can repeat the entire course for FREE once you have paid for it.

How does placement assistance work?

Does placement assistance guarantee me a job?

Placement assistance does not mean a job is guaranteed after the course completion. However if you complete our assessment successfully, we will showcase your skills on a CV in the best possible way. We will get your CV out to our network of recruitment  partners, who will actively match you against currently available roles and put you forward for matching roles.

Its ultimately the discretion of hiring managers to get you for an interview.

What is included in placement assistance?

  • Interview Readiness Assessment

  • Feedback on assessment with action plan

  • Interview prep resources 

  • CV preparation Support

  • Assessment after course completion

  • Recruitment support*

* recruitment support applies to students based in the UK only with appropriate right to work in the country.

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