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Your End to End DevOps Lab!

The course is designed to give you the complete E2E skills required for a 'DevOps Engineer' role. Throughout the course you will build your own lab on AWS which you can spin up at any point to continue or enhance your learning.


The course is taught using a model application consisting of an angular front-end, Java based RESTful services and a MySQL backend database. You will bootstrap your data centre using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), followed by setting up and configuring the DevOps tool chain which includes - Git, GitHub, Maven , Jenkins , Sonatype Nexus , Ansible, Docker. You will learn step by step on how to create Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment using Pipeline as Code (PaC).

The course is split into two modules:

Module 1: Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Duration : 4 weeks

Key Skills : AWS, Ansible, Terraform


Module 2 : Pipeline as Code(PaC) 

Duration : 4 weeks

Key Skills : Git SCM, Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, Docker

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